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WaterBase 900+ Series updates range of toners

DeBeer Refinish is committed to delivering high-quality products to you and your customers, we are continuously evaluating new ways to improve the 900+ Series for even better productivity, coverage, and color matching capabilities for you.

To optimize the system, Valspar has successfully completed the reformulation of the most relevant color formulas. In doing so, we have removed seven toners that are no longer required. The new color formulas are now available in the latest ICRIS software. To ensure you remain up to date with the latest color formulas, update your ICRIS software with the latest version. 


The new color formulas improve coverage

While continuing to uphold the DeBeer 900+ Series’ ability to achieve the perfect color match. By removing the obsolete toners, the number of toners you and your customers require will significantly reduce, creating a premium yet streamlined system that delivers outstanding results, whatever the job.

The list of toners that will no longer be available:

  • 9906/1 1L MM906 WaterBase 900+ Series Green
  • 9919/1 1L MM919 WaterBase 900+ Series Maroon
  • 9929/1 1L MM929 WaterBase 900+ Series Violet
  • 9943/.5 0.5L MM943 WaterBase 900+ Series Transparent Yellow Green
  • 9946/1 1L MM946 WaterBase 900+ Series Blue Green
  • 9980/1 1L MM913 WaterBase 900+ Series Metallic
  • 9955/.5 0.5L MM955 WaterBase 900+ Series Transparent Red

We are advising to use all remaining stock of the above products, as they will no longer be available to purchase.

Formulas including the toners mentioned above will still be available in ICRIS.