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MC405 Macrofan Power UHS Clearcoat

MC405 is the clearcoat with ULTRA RAPID drying with  REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION without compromising the durability or quality of the final finish MC405, thanks to POWER technology,  can be USED FOR ANY TYPE OF DRYING, also for partial cycles or with low performing ovens.

After the AIRTECH technology for repairs without energy consumption, Lechler has developed the POWER technology. It allows a REDUCED USE OF OVENS  thanks to fast application and rapid drying also in low temperatures.

MC405 achieves the Lechler technological  goal of REDUCING THE ENERGY COSTS  in body shops. MC405 provides MAXIMUM APPLICATION FLEXIBILITY and  LOW LEVEL VOC emission (<420 g/l) complying with 2004/42/CE legislation.

MACROFAN MC405 POWER is part of the selected product line aimed at LECHLER SYSTEM high efficiency processes

There is not a correct process for all repairs, but there is a right process for each repair.