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Masking film

Here you will find a wide selection of maskingfilm and plastic foil in different lengths and thicknesses.

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Plastic Foil Clear Heavy
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Plastic Foil Clear Heavy


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Plastic Foil Clear
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Plastic Foil Clear


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What is masking film used for

If you want to paint a car, there is no way around it but to use masking films. Masking film is a painter's foil that protects surrounding materials and helps you protect parts you do not want to add color to when painting your car. The masking film is sold in rolls and is a cover foil made from a strong material that is hard to break but still very flexible.

Masking film is available in different dimensions and variations. You can individually choose thickness and size and therefore match it perfectly to your needs. Small or big tasks – this painter foil is a must-have and will make your life when painting much easier.

The power of masking film

Often the masking film adheres to varnish, so you do not need to add any additional stickers or glue. With those features being pointed out; it is still very easy to remove the masking film again after your work is done. The easy removal does not leave any stains or other marks on the car.  

The masking film is just a must-have that you need when it comes down to painting your car. Adding it to your palette of tools will highly benefit your working process and makes it much easier.

Different size and color of masking film

The masking film in our shop comes in different forms and sizes and different properties, which gives you an even bigger choice before your buy it. Among the most common Masking film variants, you can find static, paint adhesive, tear, or instant. The wide variety should be a benefit for whatever project you are up to.

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