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Satajet 100 B P

  • Car Refinish

Special spray gun for sprayable putty and high viscous filler. The SATAjet 100 B P is specially designed for the application of polyester spray putty/filler and is indispensable for creating high film builds along with a sharp-edged fan

Special gun for applying polyester filler Sharply defined fan, fine atomization, and low overspray that considerably reduces masking and sanding

  • Fine atomization
  • Reduced weight
  • Small size
  • High ergonomics
  • Totally appropriate for Waterborne Paints
  • Suitable for: Putty, Basecoat, Filler

Satajet 100 B P

  • Stock: On demand item
  • Item no.: 1012715
  • Unit: PC
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