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60-150 PP Cleaning Cloth Roll

About the product

60-150 PP Cleaning cloth 32 x 38 cm, on a roll. It is a soft and effective cleaning and degreasing cloth made of polypropylene. Solvent-resistant, soft, lint-free, very high absorption capacity.

Polypropylene (PP) cleaning cloths are made from polypropylene fiber. These cloths are designed to be effective for cleaning and wiping various surfaces.

With excellent absorbency, it can easily absorb spills, dirt and grime. Polypropylene is generally resistant to many chemicals, making the cleaning cloths suitable for use with various cleaning agents and solvents. The cleaning cloths are durable and hard-wearing, which makes the cloths suitable for repeated use and long-term use.

  • Industries Car Refinish,Industrial Metal Finishing,Commercial Vehicle Refinish,Bodywork,Car care
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PP Cleaning Cloth 60-150

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  • Unit: 1 ROL(500 PCS)
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