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Fillers are used to filling smaller gaps/holes in the surface of workpieces and surfaces. So that you achieve a smooth and even surface. You will find all our fillers on this page, where you can find more information and data sheets under the individual product pages.

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Fillers for smooth and even surface finish

There are many different fillers, and which one should you choose? Well, it all depends on which surface you need to process. Filler in general is used for filling small gaps and holes for a smooth and even finish. Used prior to sanding, a good-quality filler is necessary for a highly polished final layer. We offer a variety of different categories of filler to suit your project, no matter how big it is.


At LAKGRUPPEN, we supply car body filler, paint, and other materials for autobody repairs, commercial vehicle refinishing, and industrial equipment. We offer well-known brands. Find affordable products for all your surface treatment needs at our surface treatment shop.

Easy Sand Filler

This is a lightweight type of body filler commonly used for repairs as it is easy to sand. This filler is often applied in the final stages of autobody repairs and is easy to work. A versatile option, many of our easy sand filler products are well-suited for a variety of surfaces.

Polyester Filler

Polyester filler is easy to work with and works best for filling scratches and very small dents. Universal 2 component polyester putty to level irregularities in surfaces of steel, aluminium, wood, concrete, and polyester. Polyester Putty is elastic and very easy to sand.

Epoxy Body Filler

Epoxy body filler offers superior bonding and moisture protection. Made with epoxy resin, the epoxy filler is often the preferred product for repairing extensive damage. 

Plastic Body Filler

Plastic filler is a lightweight polyester-based filler that is easy to use and inexpensive. Best for small dings and scuffs. It was never intended to fill large dents, rust, or other major damage.