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Heat Resistant Paint

Heat-resistant paint is used on surfaces that are exposed to high heat. We have several types of paint and in several different colors.

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What is heat-resistant paint?

Heat and temperature changes contribute to surface breakage and corrosion. Therefore, surface treatment is needed which can withstand heat and corrosion and much is expected of it. 

Heat resistant paints as the name implies, are developed to protect the surfaces that are exposed to rapid temperature changes and high heat. Due to its formula and the way it is made, it can withstand real high temperatures and it can be suitable for different places you would like to paint with it.

Heat-resistant sprays can be used to coat or repair surfaces that have been exposed to very high temperatures. Suitable for use on exhaust pipes, ovens, grill, etc. They can be sprayed on bare metal. No primer is necessary.

Heat resistant paint: Which one should I choose?

An easy way to start is by choosing the paint that will hold up under the temperature ranges it will experience.

Many heat-resistant paints are coatings designed to usually withstand heat and high temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius. Available in different colors, but please note that e.g., MoTip heat resistance spray red has a lower temperature resistance (300 degrees Celsius) and also be aware that high-temperature paint is not designed to deliver fire-retardant properties.

With our heat-resistant paint options, you can finish a lot of coatings in no time and the results are going to last for long. All the products in our range provide good opacity and excellent adhesion.


We strive to offer a wide selection of the best heat resistant paint, different types of heat-resistant clear lacquer, and heat resistant spray paint. Check the technical datasheet for more information.