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Paint booth floor filter

Paint stop floor filters are high efficiency filters commonly used in paint spray booths to catch overspray. Suitable for use in spray booths under floor grates.

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Why Paint Stop filters are a must-have in the paint booth

These filters are designed to catch paint overspray, dust, and other contaminants and prevent them from escaping into the environment or contaminating the surfaces being painted. Paint stop filters are typically made of a multi-layer, progressive-density material capable of trapping particles of various sizes. A paint stop filter is often used in conjunction with other air filters, such as pre-filters and final filters, to provide effective and efficient air filtration. Paint stop filters are used as floor filters in paint booths to catch overspray that falls to the ground. Paint stop filters are an important component of the air filtration system in paint booths and spray booths, helping to ensure a safe and clean working environment for painters and other workers.