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At LAKGRUPPEN we offer a wide range of products: grinding and polishing machines, masking products, tools, abrasives, spray equipment, etc. LAKGRUPPEN is a distributor of leading brands such as: 3M, RUPES, Chicago Pneumatic, Norton, Farécla and many more. You can find all the products you need in our webshop. Read more about our wide range of car care products

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One of the market's most innovative suppliers within car care and materials. 3M offers products within the car and auto industry, do-it-yourself and industry and with a wide selection of products for car production and repair - from work with bodywork to painting, 3M is one of the leading manufacturers in this area . We offer a large 3M range of coarse sanding products, sanding discs, polishing pads and tools etc.

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Farécla has a long tradition of producing very high quality products for car polishing and car care. They offer products that have a quick cut effect and deliver a nice finish, in less time and in fewer steps. Farécla offers polishing agent, polishing machine, microfiber cloths, etc. for different industries. Many workshops, car enthusiasts, boat builders have Farécla as their preferred choice.

The focus is on productivity with the best results - a clear winner for the user.

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Autoglym offers a wide range of products for professional car care in very high quality. The products are designed by experts, for experts, and are specially designed to meet the different needs. We offer an extensive Autoglym range which is ideal for both you who work professionally or for you who just want the best for your car.

Autoglym has a complete range of accessories for car care, everything from top class chemical products to preserving ceramic paint.

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RUPES has established itself as one of the largest and most successful brands in professional grinding and polishing tools. They provide top-class polishing systems and machines as well as a full range of everything that belongs in a car care center in polishing, grinding and interior.

Their focus is to design and manufacture products that offer improved and optimal working comfort that are in full compliance with health and safety regulations.

RUPES legendary Bigfoot system is now cult-declared in the car care industry.

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Motip offers a wide range of everything from chemical products, car care, wax, AC cleaning to products for the do-it-yourself segment. We offer a complete MoTip assortment of putty, auto and industrial varnish, paint, products for undercarriage treatment and general car care.

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Our product range includes all the well-known brands on the market. We solve the sheet metal worker's daily needs with everything from price-conscious products to highly productive products when things need to go fast. If we don't have what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us. Maybe we have the solution for you!

Do you use a financial or inventory management system for ordering goods?

Erp2Web is a new smart function for you that generates your purchases in an ERP system.

The function makes it easy to upload orders from your financial system directly into our shop.

Our Erp2Web system supports both spreadsheets and PDF.

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Ordering has never been easier

The Scan2Web app is built for quick ordering, it is always ready to scan your next item. In the event that your desired product is not available, you can easily swipe to see alternative products.

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