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Silicone remover

Silicone remover is an effective cleaning agent that breaks down silicone and ensures the removal of silicone membranes before painting items. This is used to prevent silicone eyes from forming when painting the item. Always clean the item before painting, so you get the best result.

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Silicone remover in different sizes

To remove silicone can be a tough job sometimes. In this case, a silicone remover such as a silicone remover spray or silicone cleaner can be the optimal solution to remove 100% of the silicone and silicone stains on any surface. In most cases, silicone removers are used before painting jobs are done, to fully ensure optimal adhesion on the materials and working pieces.

In its process, the silicone remover will degrease and clean the surface so the paint can be applied without any problems – a smooth and clean surface will be assured.

Silicone remover car paint

Especially when applying car paint, the usage of a silicone remover makes sense. Even between different layers of car paint, the silicone cleaner can help the painter getting the job done with 100% accuracy. Silicone remover is a nice gadget and a must-have for every paint job on any type of surface.

Silicone remover for degreasing (metal surfaces)

On metal surfaces, the silicone remover can degrease and clean with high accuracy. Its best used before applying any other coating to the metals. Make sure that all stains are completely removed, and everything is clean.

In our shop, you can find several silicone removers, which will fit your needs when it comes down to removing silicone from easy or tricky surfaces.