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Abrasive hand pads

Non-woven abrasives. Products made from abrasive nylon are often used in the automotive industry, but also in woodworking, as it follows the surface and gives a nice surface. Abrasive nylon is popular when you want to blend a satin or matte finish.

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What are abrasive hand pads?

Abrasive hand pads are ideal for Scuff, Clean & Finish of woods, metals, and composites materials. Especially useful on shapes and curves where conventional abrasives are not flexible enough.

Abrasive pads are made from non-woven fleece type material impregnated with selected resin and abrasive grain, usually with a die-cut square or rectangular shape.

Scuff, Clean & Finish Hand Pads

Nylon fleece is an aggressive abrasive that has many uses in autobody repairs and paint jobs. Our abrasive nylon pads are flexible so that they can conform to a variety of shapes and be used effectively in different scenarios. Often referred to as non-woven abrasives, nylon abrasive fleece can be used with most materials and is ideally suited for polishing, cleaning, and giving surfaces a matte finish.

At LAKGRUPPEN, we provide the most popular nylon pad brands such as Mirka Mirlon, 3M Scotch-Brite, and Norton Beartex.

Abrasive hand pads for Wood

An extremely versatile material, abrasive nylon can be used in more than just the automotive industry. Products made from abrasive nylon are also well-suited for woodworking, as this material can mold to the wood’s surface and give a smooth finish.

Abrasive hand pads for Stainless Steel

Our hand pads made with abrasive fleece for stainless steel are long-lasting and deliver consistent smoothing results. These abrasive nylon pads are especially popular for blending a satin or matte finish.

Abrasive hand pads for Rust

Great for removing rust and other surface contaminants, abrasive fleece for metal can get into awkward areas such as grooves and holes. These convenient nylon pads will save you time on your project and are also super cost-effective.