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Masking tape

Masking tape can be used for several purposes, some of which are very demanding and others not so demanding. Combined with masking foil or masking paper), masking tape for painting is designed to protect large areas from paint.

What is masking tape?

Masking tape also referred to as painter's tape is a type of pressure-sensitive tape commonly used for a variety of temporary masking and sealing tasks. It is typically made of a thin, easy-to-tear paper backing coated with a low-tack adhesive that adheres to surfaces but can be removed without leaving residue. Masking tape is a versatile and indispensable tool for both car painters and DIYers and will help you achieve professional results in less time and with less mess.


Masking tape is used as part of proper professional masking in car painting and repair, to cover and protect areas that are not to be painted. Masking tape is easy to use, with a "clean" tear-off and saves you time and trouble.