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The additive is a chemical component that improves the properties of a given product. For example, for better adhesion a certain type of surface or a non-sanding converter. On this page, you will find our additives and additive products for our carefully selected construction and bottom products.

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99-270 Accelerator Additive
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Q-Refinish 99-270-1000

99-270 Accelerator Additive

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Use an additive to promote properties

Additives can improve and enhance the properties of other products such as primers, fillers, and build-up products. As the name suggests, these are added to other products prior to use. And only a very small amount is needed in each mixture to get the desired effects.


At LAKGRUPPEN, we offer an extensive selection of chemical additives for build-up products, that suit a variety of needs. Use additive products to promote special properties, such as faster curing, greater gloss, and flexibility. 

Additives For Primers

Additives for primer are useful for reducing drying time and promoting better adhesion. At LAKGRUPPEN, we supply a range of primer additives including additive for 2k primer as well as our many other products. Get the most out of your primer coat with just a small amount of high-quality specialty additives.

Additives For Filler

Additives for polyester, resin, and plastic fillers can improve thermal stability and increase the weatherability of these products. Additives may also reduce shrinkage, reduce flammability and enhance the durability of every type of filler.

Non-Sanding Additives

Specially formulated additives can create a powerful bond between paint and other materials without the need for sanding. These additives save you repair time so you can focus on finer details and finishing touches. Spend less on sanding equipment and extra coats of primer with these powerful additives.

Follow instructions of the technical datasheet

We always recommend that you to follow the instructions from the technical data sheet. Additives are often developed and intended for a particular product line and should not be mixed unless otherwise stated.