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Masking paper

Maskingpaper is used as a temporary cover and protection to avoid paint stains and overspray. We offer high-quality masking paper in several different sizes and are indispensable before you paint. Remember to buy additional tape or covering foil. For better handling, a stand can be purchased.

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What is masking paper used for

Most often, professionals use masking paper for protecting surfaces while spraying paint. Also great for arts and crafts and hobby use. Without masking it is very hard to paint something 100% correctly. So, it is always important to add a masking paper roll to your tools before you start to paint on something like a car, wall, floor, or furniture.

The paint masking paper is optimal for masking and covering the parts you do not wish to be painted. It is an added protection so you can paint without any fear of “covering the wrong parts with paint”.

From professional to hobby painters, the masking paper roll is a must-have if you want your work/paint jobs to be 100% accurate and professional.

Masking paper for auto

When painting and spraying on cars, the automotive masking paper takes a huge role and is standard at any garage. Even for hobby garage painters, it has become an indispensable tool.

Car masking paper should always be used when spraying paint on the car. It protects the surroundings, and it also can be used to cover the parts you do not wish to be painted on. Masking paper should not be confused with masking tape – as it is another masking tool to outline your paintings.

Another usage of masking paper rolls

As already stated, most commonly, masking paper is used when painting. Overall, it can be used for a lot of different occasions and it is always a great piece to have in your set of tools.

Did you know: Most commonly, a masking paper roll comes in brown color and has been around for several decades.