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Microfiber cloths

The use of microfiber cloths is unlimited. Whether you want to clean your home, car, electronics, glass or furniture, these cloths are the ideal choice. Their softness and gentleness towards surfaces ensures that you can use them on even the most delicate materials without the risk of scratches or damage.

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Microfibre cloth for efficient wiping and polishing

When it comes to wiping and polishing surfaces, microfiber cloths are superior to paper and traditional cloths. They leave no lint residue, which ensures an even surface without annoying streaks. The structure of the microfiber cloths consists of microscopic fibers that absorb and retain significant amounts of dirt, oil and liquids. Microfibre cloths are used to remove dirt, dust and grime without scratching or damaging surfaces. This is of crucial importance when you have to work on fragile paint surfaces.

Durable and reusable

Our microfiber cloths are of high quality and designed to last a long time, even after repeated washing. They are reusable and maintain their effectiveness over time, making them an economical investment for finishers who want to achieve exceptional results without compromising on quality.