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Are you looking for a high-quality basecoat and tint colors? We stock a wide selection of the most popular lacquer series brands in the world which are used for car painting and industrial painting. You will find all our series of varnishes and base colors on this page, where you can find more information and data sheets under the individual product pages.

The first step to a good-looking finish, is the right basecoat

When it comes to creating a nice finish on a surface, basecoats are often the first step to looking finished. This coat is typically sprayed on over primer and will be the actual base color of the finished product. On its own, a basecoat is essentially just colored paint without any special properties. For gloss, weatherability, and long-lasting wear, additional clear coats, and treatments are layered over top.

What is a Basecoat?

Basecoat or base color is just “raw paint” and just like the name suggests a "base" for the actual color of the vehicle or item. Basecoat does not contain hardener (with a few exceptions), which means that it is raw paint that is sprayed on the bottom product. Basecoats itself is not resistant to wind, weather, or scratches, and if left in a raw state, you will see noticeable stains on the surface that are either rusting or damaged due to moisture

Important to know when using a basecoat

The color choice of your base product has a big impact on the final color of the subject or car. Always make sure the right build-up and finish when working with basecoats so that it does not end up with a complaint.

Also, it is important to mention again, to protect the base color with a clear coat is often required for optimal protection and finish. For the correct system structure, be sure to find information in the technical data sheet or ask one of our technicians.

Choose between a wide selection of well-known brands

Basecoat paint systems are key for a professional-looking car repair and painting subjects such as kitchen cabinets, furniture, industrial equipment. We offer a variety of top brands for painting for cars, commercial vehicles, wood, metal, plastic, and light industry.

Our selection of the basecoat system, each of which has its advantages and properties. Some of our basecoat systems are more versatile, while others are developed on a specific type of surface and process. Under each different products, you can read more about which system is right for you. Otherwise, we are ready to advise you on the right choice.

Paint with basecoat

Basecoat car paint will be the color you see on the final product. We offer a variety of colors to choose from which can be mixed to suit your needs. Our basecoat colors typically come in 0.5 to 3.5 liters. Please note that basecoat paint dries either matte or semi-matte and requires a topcoat of clear gloss lacquer for the ultimate look and protection.

Measure and mix basecoat

Tinting colors are often necessary when trying to match a color accurately to the original paint. Tinting requires experience and precision, and our extensive array of colors will help you get the job done.