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Paint strainers

Paint strainer cups are used to filter paint, base paint, and varnish before use. Make sure there are no lumps in your paint and varnish and achieve the best result.

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Paint strainer cup

Use disposable paint strainers to filter your paint, primer, and varnish before putting the paint into the spray gun and applying, this will prevent foreign particles entering the spray gun and causing damage and imperfections in the paintwork.

Get the first step right of your painting process

Straining paint is a crucial first step for any painting process since it ensures the paint is entirely free of impurities such as clumps, dust, and dirt. The paint is poured through a filter or strainer into a clean container. The strainer collects the debris. A lumpy, bumpy paint job doesn’t look professional.

Different sizes of mesh

Our paint strainers are divided by micron size. "Micron" refers to the size of the holes in the filter. Micron is short for micrometer and it’s a unit of length that is used for measuring very small particles. For example, a 125-micron paint strainer will allow fewer particles through than a 190-micron paint strainer will. So, rule of thumb: smaller number allows smaller partials to pass through. A bigger number allows bigger particles to pass through.

Filter size: 125 my vs. 190 my

125 Micron for waterborne coatings and 190 Micron for solvent-based coatings. But keep up to date in the latest technical data sheets on various products. The manufacturer will often recommend a procedure.