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Sanding sponges

Sanding Sponges make sanding curves, contours, corners, and hard-to-reach areas faster and easier.

What is an abrasive sponge?

An abrasive sponge is an abrasive paper treated with silica or alumina abrasive grains. An abrasive sponge is soft as it is made of foam rubber, which makes it especially useful for hand sanding of good surfaces and uneven surfaces. You can advantageously use a sanding sponge when you oil wooden tables and garden furniture, it gives a nice finish. Abrasive sponges can be used for both dry and wet sanding.

Sanding edges and bumps

An abrasive sponge or abrasive mat is a flexible abrasive that is particularly easy to use compared to normal sandpaper. the abrasive sponge consists of a foam core and is coated on 2 or 4 sides with an abrasive material. Due to its particularly practical shape, it can be handled much better than normal sandpaper. In addition, there is no need to squeeze the paper around a sanding block.

Sanding sponge application area

Sanding sponges are often used on wooden surfaces, plastic surfaces, or for intermediate sanding between lacquer layers. Depending on the grain size, the sponge can be used for smoothing, roughening, polishing, and cleaning. If the sanding sponge is dirty or 'clogged/filled' with sanding residue after use, it can simply be blown out with a simple air blowgun or rinsed with clean water.

Benefits of abrasive sponges

Due to its construction, the abrasive sponge also adapts much better to surface roughness. Profiles, corners and edges, curves, but also fillings, and in fact also flat areas can therefore be sanded optimally.