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Olfa offers good hobby knives in various sizes that are suitable for both private and professional use. Olfa knives are known for their durability and precision, and especially known for their sharp replaceable snap-off blades. With Olfa you get high professional quality at a low price.

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What makes Olfa knives so special?

The company was founded in Japan and has a long history of producing high quality knives and cutting tools for use in various industrial applications as well as hobby and crafts. Over the years, Olfa has built up an excellent reputation for their cutting tools, and their knives certainly do not disappoint!

Olfa knives and snap-off blades

We offer a selection of different 9 mm and 18 mm Olfa knives and blades that are suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks. We understand the importance of quality tools when it comes to your projects. Therefore, we always strive to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers. When you shop with us at Lakgruppen, you can count on fast delivery, excellent customer service and competitive prices. We have made it our mission to ensure that our customers have the best experience every time they visit our webshop.