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Paint remover

Paint and varnish remover softens and effectively removes most types of paints and varnishes. Easily remove unwanted paint with paint stripper/paint remover.

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 Paint Remover
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Motip 90410

Paint Remover

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Paint Stripper Metstrip Ef3461 Paint Remover
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Paint Stripper Metstrip Ef3461 Paint Remover

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Paint stripper for removing paint

When it comes down to removing paint on a surface, a paint stripper is a perfect solution. Easily applied, all types of layers are removed without any hassle. The paint stripper can be used on stone, concrete, asphalt, metals, or wood. In some instances, a paint stripper is also known as a paint remover and it can be found directly at our online shop. Paint remover makes it easy to remove old paint layers.

How does the paint stripper work?

To get the full effect and all the benefits, just apply the paint remover on the paint, lacquer or on the surface you want to remove and wait until it gets worked in properly. After a while, the paint stripper can take its full effect and it will be extremely easy for you to remove all the layers.

Paint stripper or paint remover is a chemical substance and should be used with caution when applying.

Car paint remover

Paint stripper is often used as car paint remover, since it is easy to remove unwanted paint, and get down to the bare metal. Always remember to read the technical data sheet before using paint remover, as you may damage the surface that you want to work.