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Beck & Jørgensen

Beck & Jørgensen is a Danish paint manufacturer that produces a wide selection of paint products, including wall paint, wood paint, floor paint, and other types of paint for both private and professional use. They have a special focus on developing products that meet the increasing demands from the outside world to take the environment into account, many of their products are labeled with the European environmental label "Blomsten". Their products are easy to paint with, cover well and the products are environmentally friendly and the prices low.

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Lakgruppen - Your retailer of Beck & Jørgensen Products

Beck & Jørgensen is one of Denmark's largest manufacturers of paint for professional painters and craftsmen. B&Js produce at their own factory in Søborg. At the varnish group, we are proud to be a retailer of Beck & Jørgensen products.

Create Magical Surfaces with Beck & Jørgensen Paint Products

We offer the carefully selected selection of first-class paint products from Beck & Jørgensen, which is your guarantee of excellent quality and results. Their products are available in many colors and different paint types to suit different surfaces and purposes.