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1K High-Build Filler

  • Car Refinish

ColorMatic 1K High-Build Filler is a 1K acrylic filler with the best possible filling and covering capacity. High layer thickness in one pass already. Bonds very well to steel, aluminum, polyester filler, and on many plastics.

The filler is resistant to silicone remover. Easy to sand wet and dry and can be recoated with water-based and solvent-based basecoats.

Ideal for spot repairs and refinishing parts.

  • Component type: 1K, 1K
  • Adhesion On: Steel, Galvanised steel, Aluminum, Plastic substrates, Polyester, Steel, Galvanised steel, Aluminum, Polyester, Plastic substrates
  • Color: Graphite grey, Light grey, Tele grey