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2K Hi-Speed Primer Filler

About the product

ColorMatic 2K High-Build Filler Spray is a universally applicable 2-component primer designed for all metallic surfaces such as steel, galvanized steel and aluminium. It offers excellent adhesion and corrosion protection and dries very quickly: 1 hour at 20°C. This filler is perfect for sanding, both wet and dry, and is also resistant to solvents.

Areas of application: Ideal for spot repairs and finishing of parts.

Quality and features:

Filler and primer in one: Combines filling and priming in one simple application.

Long pot life: Can be used for up to 24 hours after activation.

Very fast drying: Ready for sanding after 45 minutes at 20°C or 30 minutes at 60°C.

Good flow: Ensures an even surface.

Universally applicable: Perfect for polished old paint surfaces and metallic surfaces.

Optimal dosage: Use of 200 ml cans to avoid excess.

Good adhesion: Bonds well to bare steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and magnesium.

Can be painted over: Can be painted over with ColorMatic pre-fill based paints and acrylic RAL.

Physical and chemical data:

Binder: Acrylic

Colour: Grey

Odor: Solvent

Effectiveness: 400 ml is sufficient for approx. 1.5 m² depending on the consistency and color of the substrate.

Substrate: Clean and sanded bare metal, zinc-coated metal, aluminium, PE filler, plastic substrate (pre-treated with ColorMatic 1K Plastic Adhesive).

Temperature resistance: Up to 80°C

Storage: Stable for 36 months if stored correctly (10°-25°C, max 60% relative humidity)

Size: 2-component aerosol cans, maximum nominal volume 500 ml and 200 ml

VOC value: 114.2 g

Pot life: Minimum 24 hours after activation

Instructions for use:

Clean the surface with ColorMatic Silicone Remover No. 174469, then sand.

Old layers of paint must be cleaned and sanded.

Apply 2-3 layers with a layer thickness of 40-50µ.

Let dry for approx. three minutes between layers.

Ready for grinding after approx. 45 minutes at 20°C or 30 minutes at 60°C.

Ready to be painted wet-on-wet after 20 minutes drying time.

Mixing A components with hardener:

Remove the protective cap from the bottom of the can and pull the pin completely out using the inserted ring. This will release the knife which will penetrate the wall of the aluminum cartridge.

The cartridge will then rotate 360°, open fully and release the hardener.

Shake the can vigorously to mix the A components with the hardener in the correct ratio.

Shake the can vigorously for 2 minutes.

Perform a spray test.

Notes on application: To smooth out small irregularities, ColorMatic 2K High-Build primer can be filled up to a layer thickness of approx. 100µ. For best drying results, it is recommended to work with several thin spray layers and a flash-off time of approx. 3 minutes between layers.

When stored at cool temperatures, 2K High-Build primer filler can also be used for several days after activation. Let it warm up to room temperature before use (approx. 20°C).

For professional use only. Wear suitable respiratory protection (type A2/P3).

Read and follow the warning texts on the label carefully before use.

Achieve a professional finish with ColorMatic 2K High-Build Filler Spray – the ideal solution for spot repairs and finishing.

  • Industries: Car Refinish, Industrial Metal Finishing, Commercial Vehicle Refinish
  • Brand: Colormatic
  • Color: Grey
  • Substrate: Aluminum, Galvanised steel, Steel
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