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70-277 Xtrm-Dry Clearcoat

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70-277 HS clear coat with a very short drying time. It is designed for painting small and large surfaces of vehicles, machinery, and equipment. The clear coat is characterized by high resistance to scratching.

70-277 XTRM-DRY is a 2K clearcoat with a very high solids content (high solid), which means the clearcoat is a two-component coating system that requires a hardener to activate the curing process, the clearcoat must be mixed with its hardener in a mixing ratio: 100 /50 with 70-277HN hardener (see technical data sheet)

Recommended application. Spray viscosity 16-20 s 4 mm D. When using an air/flow spray gun, it is recommended to have these settings. Spray pressure 4 bar. Spray nozzle 1.1-1.4 mm. Spray pass 2. Deaeration 5 min, layer thickness 40-70 µm.

As mentioned, it is a quick-drying clear coat, 20 degrees, dust-free after 15 minutes, dry to the touch 25 minutes, and thoroughly dry after 1 hour. At 40 degrees it is ready for installation after 15 minutes, and at 60 degrees it is ready for installation after 5 minutes. Use time is 30 min at 20 degrees.

Always use recommended safety equipment.

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70-277-5000 XTRM-Dry Clearcoat

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