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70-708 Vacu Spray System

About the product

Q-Refinish Vacu Spray System (VVS) is an easy, clean and fast paint application solution. Compatible with solvent-based or water-based paints.

Perfect conservation of unused paint. And adapter available for different types of guns.

Overall this system reduces the costs of the paint preparation process.

  • Industries Car Refinish,Commercial Vehicle Refinish,Industrial Metal Finishing,Industrial Wood Finishing
  • Product type: Spray cup system
  • Cup system: VSS (Q-Refinish)
  • Filter size: 125 micron (µm)
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70-708 Vacu Spray System 125my 200ml

  • Stock: 207 In stock
  • Item no.: 70-708-2125
  • Unit: 1 CTN(50 PCS)
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70-708 Vacu Spray System 125my 800ml

  • Stock: 300 In stock
  • Item no.: 70-708-8125
  • Unit: 1 CTN(25 PCS)
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