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975 DK Interior, Lye T265

About the product

Water-based white pigmented lacquer for the treatment of inner lists and panels of light wood. For applicator/painting machine or spray.

Directions for use

Surface must be clean firm and sustainable. Wood moisture should not exceed 20% RH Any resin exudations to be removed and be after dried with appropriate thinner.

The product is thoroughly stirred prior to use. Optionally diluted with water to spraying viscosity. Lye 1718 requires 2 x application for proper staining and optimal prevention of yellowing of the timber.

  • Binder: Acrylic
  • Gloss: Approx. 10, half cooked
  • Vol. dry matter: Approx. 16%
  • Colour: Lud 1718
  • Drying time: Approx. 1 hour, paintable approx. 4 hours at 20 °C, 65% RH
  • Application: Optimal temperature for product, subject and surroundings: 18-22 °C and R/F approx. 50%
  • Dilution: Water. Usually not diluted
  • Range: 10-15 m²/ltr. depending on the absorbency of the wood and application method
  • Industries Industrial Wood Finishing
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975 DK Interior, Lye T265

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  • Item no.: 805-265-10
  • Unit: 10 L
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