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Underbody coating

An effective way to protect the undercarriage of the car is to get a wax or bitumen-based underbody coating. Such coatings act as a barrier and keep out rust-causing salt, moisture, and dirt. They can be applied to both new and used cars.

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Rust protection coating for cars

Most car owners overlook the underside of their vehicles during repair and maintenance, which can be a costly mistake. This part of a car is susceptible to rust and corrosion, as it frequently encounters water, mud, salt, and debris.

Underbody coating for cars

The underbody of a car tends to experience the most wear and tear since it is fully exposed to muddy water, potholes, stones, and other debris found on the road. Salts and contaminants can cause extreme corrosion of vital parts found in the undercarriage. Since it’s not in plain sight, is it often overlooked, and we often do not realize the extent of the damage before it is too late.

Bitumen-Based Coatings

Protect the bottom of your car against weak acids and bases with Bitumen Undercoating. Bitumen-based undercoating is resistant to the weather and weak acids and bases and has excellent rust prevention. Bitumen-based undercoating remains flexible and is sound-absorbing.

Wax-Based Coatings

Prevent rust on your car with Wax coating. Wax coating is resistant to the weather, salt, water, and weak acids and bases have excellent rust prevention and can be applied in thick layers.

At LAKGRUPPEN, we offer a range of undercarriage treatments that will help guard against future damage and corrosion.