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Colormatic 1K Clear Coat

About the product

ColorMatic 1K clearcoat is a UV-resistant, quick-drying clearcoat that can be universally applied to existing solvent-based basecoats. Available in high gloss/gloss, satin gloss or matt.

The clear coat is applied over a base color either uni or metallic, for best preparation of the surface to be painted, clean it thoroughly with ColorMatic Silicone Remover no. 174469 and, if necessary, apply a primer or filler (e.g. ColorMatic 2K Primer Filler no. 195327 ). We recommend using ColorMatic Spot Blender No. 114229 for spot repair.

Degree of gloss: at measuring angle 60° according to DIN 67530. glossy: 85 - 90 GE. satin gloss: 60 GE. mat: 10 (+/-5) GE.

Efficiency: Depending on the consistency and color of the substrate, 400 ml is sufficient for approx. 1.5 - 2.0 m².

Drying time at 20°C, 50% relative humidity: Dust dry: after 5 - 10 minutes. Touch dry: after 10 - 20 minutes. Cured after 24 hours. The drying time depends on the ambient temperature, humidity and the applied paint layer. Temperature resistance: high gloss to 110° C. matt to 80° C.

Instructions for use

Solvent based paints can be overpainted with ColorMatic 1 component clear coat after they have dried for 30 minutes. Before use, shake the can for 2 minutes and perform a spray test before proceeding. Use Colormatic 1K Clear Coat high gloss, for spot repair, applied to the wet "edges" with ColorMatic Spot Blender no. 114229.

Please note these clearcoats are not suitable for overcoating water-based paint (we recommend CM 2K Clear Coat high gloss 190469) and do not spray on synthetic resin areas!

For an optimal coating result, the can is brought to temperature before use (20 - 25 °C) and a relative humidity of 45 - 60%. Please note: high humidity can cause loss of gloss. Use a suitable breathing mask (we recommend type A2/P3)

  • Industries: Car Refinish
  • Brand: Colormatic
  • Product type: Clearcoat
  • EAN: 4048500756849
  • Supplier item no.: 756849
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Colormatic 1K Clear Coat High Gloss

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Colormatic 1K Clear Coat Matte

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Colormatic 1K Clear Coat Satin Gloss

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