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D-A Fine High Performance Fine Finishing Foam Pad

About the product

yellow fine polishing pad from Rupes latest series. Used with DA polishing machines. The most versatile foam pad in the RUPES BigFoot series, which delivers an effective speed for removing defects and for high-gloss polishing.

Pair with RUPES D-A FINE polishing compound for moderate to fine defect removal, paint refinement, or final finishing after heavy compounding steps

This new pad provides the same great performing foam material as the current random orbital yellow foam, expanded to also work with gear-driven orbitals, just with a more vibrant shade of yellow.

  • Industries Car Refinish,Car care,Commercial Vehicle Refinish
  • Color: Yellow
  • Product type: Polishing Pad
  • Diameter: 40 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 150 mm
  • Density: Fine
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9.DA40M D-A Fine Polishing Pad 40 mm

  • Stock: 2 In stock
  • Item no.: 9DA40M
  • Unit: 1 BOX(6 PCS)
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9.DA70M D-A Fine Polishing Pad 70 mm

  • Stock: 4 In stock
  • Item no.: 9DA70M
  • Unit: 1 BOX(4 PCS)
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9.DA150M D-A Fine Polishing Pad 130/150 x 25 mm

  • Stock: 43 In stock
  • Item no.: 9DA150M
  • Unit: 1 PCS
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