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Mixing cups

Mixing and measuring cups are used for mixing paintwork and preparatory materials such as clearcoats, paints, fillers, etc. with hardeners and reducers in the most common mixing ratio 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1.

Professional mixing cup with scale

Spend less time cleaning up and more time perfecting your paint job with our disposable and reusable clear mixing cups. These highly transparent cups help you mix your paint perfectly and offer a hassle-free storage option for leftover paint. Featuring flat bottoms for stability, a solvent-resistant composition, and precision measurement markings, our mixing cups for paint preparation are a must-have for any painting or coating project. Whether you require an accurate mixing ratio cup or use a scale, we have a premium product perfectly suited for your needs.

Disposable clear mixing cups for paint

Our paint mixing cups are disposable for easy clean-up and stackable for convenient storage. In addition, most of our cup models include precise ratio markings and accurate graduated scales. At LAKGRUPPEN, we offer an extensive array of disposable and reusable mixing cups that come in many sizes with lids. Make working with paint less of a chore with our collection of industrial painting accessories.