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Paint strainer

Paint strainer / filter for paint is used to filter the paint before it enters your spray gun. This way you avoid lumps during application and get the most beautiful result and easiest application. We recommend that you always pour your paint through a color filter.

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What is a Paint strainer sieve?

A paint sieve is a tool used to filter impurities from paint or other liquid coatings before they are applied to a surface. These impurities can include things like dust, dirt or other debris that can affect the quality of the paint job.

The paint and color screen are typically made of mesh, which allows the paint to pass through while trapping any impurities. Color filters are available in different filtration levels (my).

How do I use a Paint strainer sieve?

Using a color filter is a simple process. The color sieve is placed over the paint container and the paint is poured through it. The mesh in the sieve catches any impurities, while the filtered paint is collected in a separate container and is ready to be used for painting or varnishing.