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NPS Liner Kit - 125my

About the product

Three different kits are available with different mesh weights built in to the filter inside the lids: 190μ, 125μ and 80μ mesh. Each kit comes complete with lids, liners, rings, plugs and a mixing bar.

The most effective and productive solution for preparing, mixing and spraying paints. Providing a faster and cleaner solution, the Norton Paint System saves on cleaning time and solvent usage, allows paint to be stored and reused and enables the operator to paint in all positions, even upside down - without any risk of the paint leaking. The easy to assemble system ensures a consistent spray pattern, convenient storage of paint as well as easy and clean disposal of the entire unit. A complete range of products and accessories are also available.

  • Industries Car Refinish,Commercial Vehicle Refinish,Industrial Metal Finishing,Industrial Wood Finishing
  • Cup system: NPS (Norton)
  • Filter size: 125 micron (µm)
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Norton NPS Liner Kit 125My - 250 ml

  • Stock: 8 In stock
  • Item no.: 72000-93
  • Unit: 1 BOX(48 PCS)
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Norton NPS Liner Kit 125My - 750 ml

  • Stock: 51 In stock
  • Item no.: 72000-25
  • Unit: 1 BOX(48 PCS)
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