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Perfect-It 1-Step Finish

About the product

A high-performance, fast-cutting finishing material designed to remove 3M Trizact 8000 and finer scratches providing a 1-Step finish on most colors. It provides the cut of a compound and the swirl-free finish of a polish.

3M Perfect-It 1-Step Finishing Material is designed to be used with 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Foam Finishing Pads. This formula cuts like a compound but handles and finishes like a polish - leaving you with a great finish in a single step on all lighter color paints vehicles.

In the 3M Finishing Process, you use this after using 3M Trizact 8000 to quickly achieve a fantastic finish with a high gloss. For darker colors, follow up with 3M Perfect-It Ultrafina SE Polish and its corresponding blue foam pad to remove remaining swirl marks.

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