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Rubber Squeegee 7 X 10 Cm

About the product

Here you get a small rubber squeegee of 7 x 10 cm, used to distribute sealant and putty between tiles, or on curved and uneven surfaces.

INP Quality rubber squeegee is designed for use in smaller areas, with the compact size you can easily handle even the most difficult corners and narrow areas with ease. With a rubber putty, you get a soft, flexible surface that allows you to achieve an even and uniform distribution of the putty or joint compound.

When it comes to choosing between a rubber putty knife and a steel putty knife, the rubber one has certain "advantages". The soft rubber minimizes the risk of damaging surfaces. At the same time, it is also gentler on the putty and reduces the risk of scratching or leaving marks on the applied surface.

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Inp Rubber Squeegee White 7 X 10 Cm

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