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Eye protection

No matter what, keep safe on-site and keep liquid, debris, dirt, and dust from getting in your eyes with properly fitting safety eyewear.

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Protect your eyes. Use safety glasses.

Safety glasses offer the most protection when it comes to keeping solids and liquids out of the eyes. This piece of protective equipment is easy to take on and off and is very affordable. Depending on the work you do, you may require more heavy-duty eyewear such as chemistry safety goggles or tinted safety lenses.

Standard Safety Glasses

Your primary defense against permanent eye damage is safety goggles and should always be a natural thing to wear when working in an environment where it is required.  Safety glasses are the most common and comfortable type of protective eyewear. You should always wear protective eyewear in hazardous environments.

UV safety glasses

For most jobs, standard safety glasses will do the trick, however, your worksite may require UV safety glasses.  If you work within the car refinish and detailing sector, you will have come across UV drying filler and clearcoat. When working with UV lamps for drying these products, it is a must to wear UV safety goggles otherwise you will risk getting eye injuries. This type of eyewear features UV-blocking lenses to keep your eyes safe when working around intense UV light. Our UV glasses are affordable and give you the safety you need.