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Avoid stains on your clothes and ensure the proper protection of your skin with one of our paint overall or protective suits.

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Which protective suit to use?

There are many levels of protection. For maximum protection, you can choose the coverall with a hood and elasticated cuffs and ankles to keep any particles away from your body. Choosing the right type of protective suit for the situation depends on a number of factors: The type of paint or surface treatment product being used, and the products being handled.

When you have to choose which protective suit you should buy, you can look at the type classification, which shows the degree of protection the suit has. The scale goes from one to six, with type 1 providing the highest protection.


Protect yourself and your surroundings from dust and impurities. We have a wide selection of protective suits in several different sizes. Can be purchased online.

Type 1 – Gas Tight
Type 2 – Non-gas tight
Type 3 – Liquid Jet Protection
Type 4 – Liquid Spray Protection
Type 5 – Hazardous Particulate Protection
Type 6 – Liquid Splash Protection

Therefore, you must use disposable spray suits

Spray painting and surface treatment should preferably be done in a clean and dust-free environment to prevent impurities such as hair, dust and fibers from settling on the painted surface and spoiling a nice finish. The surface of disposable spray suits is very smooth and antistatic, so that dust and impurities do not stick to the surface.


When you use a disposable spray suit, you don't carry dust and debris into the painting area, eliminating the potential for contamination. You can actually say that spray suits both protect your clothes from stains and provide protection for your skin, but also that your newly painted surface is protected from dust and impurities that can get on you and your clothes.

Protective suits for painting, varnishing, and the workshop

When spraying and applying paint, you need reliable protection against dust, spray and light liquid splashes, it is therefore important that you choose the right protective suit that fits the task you are performing. Most of our spray suits are equipped with a hood and elastics at the hood, waist, wrists and ankles to provide optimal protection. When purchasing disposable protective suits, keep in mind that it is recommended to change frequently and check the clothing throughout the working day. We always recommend that you use the required protective clothing when painting.