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SATA trueSun daylight lamp

About the product

SATA trueSun is a fantastic work lamp that delivers excellent color reproduction matching daylight, allowing you to work with confidence and precision. Designed to make your workday easier and more productive.

With its even light distribution over the illuminated surface, it becomes easier than ever for auto paint shops to find the exact color and avoid costly mistakes.

With a wide color spectrum and almost daylight-level light intensity, you can see effect pigments and color tones with incredible clarity.

The continuously adjustable light intensity ensures that the light remains constant throughout the battery's lifespan.

The powerful battery provides you with up to 70 minutes of uninterrupted use at full brightness and fully charges in just 50 minutes. With the ability to adjust the brightness, you can tailor the light to your specific needs.

With the SATA trueSun work lamp, paint defects such as cloudiness can be easily detected, saving you time and money on additional work. Make your painting process more efficient and precise with the SATA trueSun daylight solution. Discover the difference for yourself!

  • Net weight: 1,137 - 1,380 kg
  • CRI value: 97
  • Light intensity: 22000 lx
  • Operating time: 70 minutes
  • Charging cycle: 50 minutes
  • Almost like daylight - best possible color reproduction and visibility of effect pigments
  • Uniform light distribution - across the entire light cone
  • Strong and fast-charging battery - approximately 70 minutes of operating time at full brightness and a full charging cycle in approximately 50 minutes
  • Constant light intensity - independent of the battery's charge state
  • Infinitely adjustable light intensity
  • Paint defects such as cloudiness can be easily detected.
  • Industries Car Refinish,Commercial Vehicle Refinish,Industrial Metal Finishing,Industrial Wood Finishing,Car care
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