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Wet sanding

Wet sanding is a process of sanding surfaces using water and sandpaper. The water helps reduce friction and heat, which prevents damage to the surface being sanded and also prevents the sandpaper from clogging.

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Wet sanding of varnish and paint

The process of wet sanding involves sanding with water and a specially developed sanding sponge or sanding block with a "high" grain size to gently sand the surface. It is important to apply even pressure to avoid creating new imperfections.

Rinse and clean regularly

As the sandpaper becomes clogged with dirt, it must be rinsed in water to clear it and then reapplied to the surface. The sanding process is usually done in stages, starting with coarse grit sandpaper to remove most of the imperfections, then continuing to finer grits to smooth and even out the surface.

Worth to notice

It is important to note that wet sanding can be time-consuming and requires skill and patience to achieve good results. It should only be done by experienced professionals or enthusiasts who are well-versed in the process.