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10-207 T-Foam Masking Tape 11Mm X 25M

About the product

10-207 The T- Foam Masking Tape has a semi-rigid „T“ shape which facilitates its quick and easy placement on edges. When the tape is attached to the edge of the surface, the paint remains perfectly on the edge, imperceptible to the eye.

The glue does not decompose when heat is applied inside the cabin and it does not leave any residue. It has a siliconized paper to protect the tape, so that bond strength is not lost prior to its application.

  • Industries: Car Refinish, Commercial Vehicle Refinish
  • Brand: Q-Refinish
  • Width: 11 mm
  • Material: Skum
  • Length: 25 m

10-207-1125 T-Foam Masking Tape 11Mm X 25M

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