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10-30X 1:1 2K Wash Primer Pigmented

About the product

10-30x 1:1 Wash Primer is a layer-building 2K-Washprimer with corrosion protection and maximum adhesion on Aluminum and pre-treated Stainless Steel. Can be overpainted with all SWIN PU fillers, topcoat products and Swin Basecoat.

The wash primer is 2K and therefore it must be mixed in a ratio of 1:1 volume with swin' reaction thinner and stirred thoroughly.

The spray viscosity. v/ 20 °C 35-40s 3 mm D / 15-17s 4 mm D

Application with air / overhead cup. Spray pressure: 3-4 bar. Spray nozzle: 1.3-1.5 mm with the number of sprays: 2.

Potlife Approx. 8 h.

Layer thickness / Dry film 2 regular closed wet spray passes approx. 35-40 µm, Deaeration time 20 °C 15 min

Drying time 20 °C, overcoating after 45 min, dust dry after 10-15 min, handling dry 30-45 min

Drying time 60 °C, overcoating after 20 min.


Wash primer should not be exposed to moisture after application.

Anodized aluminum must be sandblasted.

Cannot be used on thermoplastic substrates.

May not be further processed with Polyester materials and EP products.

Gr. Varnish should be tested before application, as the substrate may dissolve.

The bottom must be dry and free of any kind of contamination.

! For optimal results, aluminum surfaces should be chemically pre-treated or sanded

! ! For optimal results, stainless steel surfaces should be deacidified or sanded

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