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20-277 Xtrm-Dry Multi Filler

About the product

20-277 XTRM 2K polyester multi putty is a 2-component creamy putty of medium viscosity, which is based on polyester resin and provides a specific weight reduced by approx. 30%. Hardener included.

Light sanding is thus combined with an absolutely closed and very smooth surface. Furthermore, 20-277 XTRM 2K polyester Multi Putty is characterized by its universal adhesion to steel plates, aluminium, delayed substrates, GRP, and wood and can be easily sanded with high wear after a short drying time.

This putty is two-component, which means you have to mix it with a BPO hardener in a ratio of 100:2. The usage time at 20 degrees is 4-5 minutes. 20-277 can be sanded after 15-20 minutes when drying at 20 degrees. If it is dried at 60 degrees, you can sand it after 5 minutes. Sand with sandpaper in grain size P150-P240.

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20-277 XTRM 2K Polyester Multi Putty incl. hardener

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