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Swin Lacksysteme

20-6xx 2K Pu Universal Grundierfüller 6:1 Thix

About the product

Swin lacksystem 20-616 is a fast-drying 2K PU primer of the latest generation. Thanks to its fantastic smooth surface, the filler can be repainted without intermediate sanding.

This filler is characterized by easy processing, optimal topcoat durability, fantastic adhesion, and good sanding properties.

*Extremely good adhesion on stainless, galvanized, iron, and as an adhesion enhancer on older paintwork.

Mixing ratio 6:1 Airless/Airmix, 6:1:1 Air/upper cup. See the alternative**

Hardener 30-699-5 Hardener for PU Universal Grundierfüller. See the alternative**

Thinner SWIN Universalverdünnung.

Spray viscosity at 20 °C 25-30 s 4 mm DIN / Airless 40-60 s

Layer thickness / Dry film Approx. 60-100 my depending on corrosion class

Curing time at 20 °C 10-20 min. between sprayings, depending on layer thickness

*The surfaces must be metallic shiny, and free of dust, oil, grease, and other harmful substances. For pretreatment see DIN EN ISO 12944-4. – Old lacquered surfaces must be sanded. – Aluminum and stainless steel surfaces must be pre-treated and then Wash- or Etchprimer applied before overcoating.

Important: SWIN 2-layer Basecoat must be mixed with Universal Thinner Normal, 60-101-6. Cannot be overcoated with epoxy and polyester materials in a wet-on-wet system. Can be tinted with up to 5% black tone paste SZ-Z795 for gray scale to suitable topcoat color.

**Alternatively, Hardener 30-100-5 can be used in the mixing ratio 9-1

  • Industries: Commercial Vehicle Refinish, Industrial Metal Finishing
  • Brand: Swin Lacksysteme
  • Color: Cream white
  • EAN: 5711559022829
  • Supplier item no.: 20-619-10

20-616-10 2K Pu Universal Primer Filler 6:1 Thix Grey White

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20-618-10 6:1 2K Pu Universal Grundierfüller Schwarz

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20-619-10 2K Pu Universal Grundierfüller Red 6:1

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  • Unit: 10 L
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