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2K Pre-Fill Hs Tc-1

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The ColorMatic pre-fill spray paint is prefilled with propellant and specific additives and then filled by VitoMat filling machines with the desired coat. 

Colormatic 2K Pre-Fill Tc-1 is a can with propellant, specific additives and hardener. Good quality in terms of gloss, drying time, resistance to weather and gasoline. 2K top coat is cross-linked with the hardener.

Mixing A components with hardener:

Remove the protective cap from the bottom of the can and pull the pin completely out with the help of the inserted ring. This will release the blade which will penetrate the wall of the aluminum cartridge.

The cartridge will then rotate 360°, be fully open and release the hardener. Shake the can vigorously to mix the A components with the hardener in the correct, predetermined ratio.

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Cm 2K Pre-Fill Hs Tc-1

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