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Swin Lacksysteme

50-101 2K Hs Clear Coat

About the product

Swin 50-101 Clearcoat is a high-quality 2K HS clearcoat for two-layer painting in the wet-on-wet process. Excellent for a full and partial painting of cars and commercial vehicles.

A 2K clear coat is a two-component coating system that requires a catalyst or hardener to activate the curing process. This 2K high solid clear coat is known for good durability, gloss retention and resistance to yellowing by chemicals, weather and UV radiation.

Recommended application
Spray viscosity at 20 °C 18-20 s 4 mm D

Using the air/flow cup it is recommended to have these settings. Spray pressure 4-5 bar
Spray nozzle 1.2-1.4 mm. Spray aisles 2.

Usage time 5-6 hours.
Dry film thickness 40-60 µm
Venting time 5-10 min between sprayings

It is mixed 2:1 volume with suitable swin hardener 30-100-x normal, 30-200-x kurz (fixed), 30-300-1 Express and an optional swin universal thinner such as kurz (fixed 60-102-x) , normal (60-101-x) or long (slow 60-100-x)

Drying at 20°C
dust dry 20-30 min
non-sticky 6 hours
ready for installation 24 hours

Drying at 60 °C
dust dry 5-10 min
non-stick 30 min
ready for assembly after cooling

Note for drying times longer than 24 hours, intermediate sanding is required before overpainting. Processing with Express Hardener 30-300-1 is only suitable for stain/spot repairs!

  • Industries: Commercial Vehicle Refinish, Industrial Metal Finishing
  • Brand: Swin Lacksysteme
  • Product type: Clearcoat
  • Supplier item no.: 50-101-10
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