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50-400 2K Pu Plastic Adhesive 50 Ml

About the product

2-component adhesive for repairing and gluing plastic parts, such as repairing bumpers on the car, cracked plastic parts, broken brackets. 1 mixing tube included.

The 50-400 presents a room-temperature curing two-component polyurethane adhesive system, designed for fast-curing applications with a convenient 1:1 mixing ratio by weight and volume. This versatile system boasts excellent abrasion resistance and can be efficiently ground within minutes after curing.

Ideal for non-structural repairs on EPDM, PP, PUR, RIM, RRIM, SMC, TOP, TPE, and Fiberglass, this adhesive system exhibits exceptional bond strength across various substrates, including galvanized, galvanic, or galvalume metals.

Here is how you do it:

Clean before application with q-refinish 60-010/60-011.

Sandable within approximately 3-5 minutes and re-coatable within 15-30 minutes, offering both speed and efficiency in repairs.

  • Contents: 50 ml
  • Container: Double cartridge
  • Chemical basis: Two-component polyurethane
  • Colour Black
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50-400-3040 2K Pu Plastic Adhesive 50Ml 30-40 Sec

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  • Item no.: 50-400-3040
  • Unit: 1 PCS(50 ML)
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50-400-6090 2K Pu Plastic Repair 50 Ml 60-90 Sec

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  • Unit: 1 PCS(50 ML)
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