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Acrylic Green Spot Putty

About the product

3M 05096 is an air-drying putty, designed for the repair of minor surface defects, such as scratches, pinholes and stone chips, prior to the application of topcoat. Let paint. Suitable for spot repair. Ready to use.

Acrylic Green Putty 05096 works best when applied with primer or polyester. Can also be applied to clean and sanded painted surfaces.

Restores smooth surfaces by filling small pinholes, scratches, stone chips and other minor blemishes in automotive and marine finishes. With quick drying formula with 1.5 minute working time and 15 minute sanding time

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Product colour: Green
  • Handling time: 1,5 min
  • Sanding: 15 minutes
  • Drying time: 20 min
  • Industries: Car Refinish, Commercial Vehicle Refinish
  • Brand: 3M
  • Product type: Acryl putty
  • Component type: 1-komponent, 1K
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Acryl Green Spot Putty 05096

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