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Stone Chip Protection

To protect your car from debris, a sprayable preservative against chippings can be applied. Stone chip spray is the ideal stone chip and corrosion protection for car undersides and visible parts.

Stone Chip Protection for cars

These type of products forms an elastic protective coat that guards against gravel chippings. Many of our Stone Chip Protection sprays are also suitable for use in wheel cases and chassis bottoms to dampen road noise for a quieter ride.

Stone Chip Spray

Want to avoid another stone chip repair? Then you should use a preventative stone chip spray on your car’s most exposed areas. Stone chip protection on the body is like the ultimate shield for your car. Our high-quality range of stone chip sprays will ensure your vehicle has the protection it needs and deserves. In fact, these sprays are suitable for use on cars, caravans, tanks, boats, lorries, spoilers, sills, and more!

Avoid rust on the car

When your car’s topcoat gets chipped, it exposes the metal underneath to corroding elements found on the road. This can lead to extensive rust damage if not repaired immediately. Our stone chip spray products are an excellent rust protection option if you want to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

At LAKGRUPPEN, we offer a wide range of undercarriage treatments that help guard against chipping damage and metal corrosion.