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Colormatic Headlight Renovation Kit

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Easy to use and cost-efficient complete set for the renovation of headlights. Useable for plastic diffusing screens from polycarbonate, front and backlights 

With the ColorMatic Headlight Clear Sight Set yellowings and dark shades can be eliminated in a quick, easy and cost-efficient way. The renovation happens in mounted state, no demounting is necessary.

After sanding and cleaning the plastic diffusing screen can be optimally protected again with the included 2K clear coat against UV light.

The set includes:
1 x ColorMatic 2K Hi speed clear coat high gloss (18721)
1 x ColorMatic Plastic cleaner (19026)
1 x ColorMatic Plastic primer (35934 -150 ml)
1 x Sponge
1 x Masking tape
1 x User manual
1 x Storage box
1 x Gloves (pair)
2 x Wet sanding sandpaper grain 800
2 x Wet sanding sandpaper grain 2000

Please note that SPRAYMASTER must be purchased separately!

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Colormatic Headlight Restoration Kit

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