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Deros II 680 EU 150mm 8.0mm

About the product

Mirka® DEROS II 625 is an electric eccentric sander with a back disc diameter of 150 mm, designed to make sanding of all types of surfaces efficient and dust-free. It has a stroke length of 8 mm, which makes it suitable for removing material faster. Mirka DEROS II is both compact and easy to handle, which makes it a popular choice among users.

The next generation Mirka DEROS II builds on the success of its predecessor by introducing several improvements to the user. It is known for its ergonomic design and balance, which provides comfortable operation even during prolonged use.

Mirka DEROS II is designed to minimize user fatigue by having a low noise level and vibration level, making it possible to work for longer periods without discomfort.

The new design also makes it easier for the operator to adjust the grinding speed thanks to the user-friendly handle and the clearly visible LED displays. The brushless motor ensures a constant speed and enables the handling of even the most demanding tasks.

The Mirka DEROS II is part of Mirka's dust-free sanding solution that provides efficient dust-free sanding, and it also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to integrate seamlessly with the myMirka vibration monitoring app.

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Deros II 680 EU 150mm 8.0mm

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