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G Plus Cleaning Brush (Gps001)

About the product

Farecla spurring brush is for cleaning excess polish from polishing pads. With the Farécla brush, you avoid residues, dried compounds, and other pollutants that impair your next task.

For quick and easy cleaning of pads when they are spun on a polishing machine.
Avoids residue, dried compounds, and other contaminants that degrade your next job. Clears foam cell clogs to ensure it doesn't fall into cuts or shine.

The NEW G Plus Spurring Brush (GPS001) has softer bristles to promote even longer pad life. The NEW Spurring Brush now aligns with the iconic Farécla branding – with a yellow handle and black bristles.

The G Plus Spurring Brush is recommended by Farécla throughout their compounding and polishing process – including the G360 Super Fast System – to ensure maximum life and performance of our applicator range.

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G Plus Cleaning Brush (Gps001)

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